Creative Writing: The Prince And The Blog

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The Prince and the Blog
Episode 1: The Surprisingly Sweet Sixteen EEERRRR! EEERRR! The sound of my alarm wakes me from the beauty of slumber; I open my eyes and stare at the clock, 7:30, so school should be starting in about half an hour… “Shush” I whisper to the machine, “I don’t care,” rather than making the effort to shut off the annoying noise I just decide to lie there and wait.
Sure enough after about a minute or two my twin sister Erica bursts into my room,
“ERIC! GET UP! I AM NOT GOING TO BE LATE AGAIN! ESPECIALLY NOT TODAY!” she hits the off button on the alarm then leaves the room, slamming the door, for effect of course. “WELL EXCUUUSE ME PRINCESS!” I shout after her, sitting up in my bed, “and what’s so special about today?”
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And by the smile on my mothers face, so did she, “you on the other hand. Dress normally some days, very nicely on others, and then there are those days where you just seem to give up,”
Her face turns a very bright shade of red; she gets up very quickly and throws away the rest of her pancakes. There, that should shut her up for a while; I decided against the apple and quickly ate a plate of pancakes as mother went to get Erica so we could leave as soon as I’m finished.
The car ride to school was a bit more talkative then usual, usually both me and my sister would wear our headphones as my mother sings along with the radio…at the top of her lungs, but today they were instead talking about my sisters party, “Wait, so you don’t want a big sweet sixteen party?” my mother asks her with a rather surprised look on her face. “Of course the party’s going to be big mom,” she replies, I turn up the volume so that I don’t have to hear the rest of the annoyance that is this conversation.
As we arrive at school my sister pulls the headphones, which she knows that I
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No, he lives in LA so he won’t be out for another two-three hours. How about Jackson and Sarah? I know that they aren’t in school, but today is Friday so they’re probably on a date, so they won’t be on until later. Jeffery has football, and Jessica won’t be out for another hour. And of course Melody has a student council fundraiser that she’ll be at for another hour or so. You know, they’re always telling me to join a club of some sort so I have something to keep me occupied until they all get home. I think the school musical starts in a week or so, who knows, maybe I’ll try out for

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