Analysis: The Secret Behind Shakespeare And His Sonnets

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Kelsie Self
Topic and two sources
Dr. Hale
4 December 2016
The Secret Behind Shakespeare and His Sonnets: William Shakespeare is one of the most influential writers and poets to the English language from the Renaissance era. Shakespeare is widely known for his plays and romanticism as well. While two of his most famous works include Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth, this paper will explore popular, but less discussed sonnets. A sonnet being a form of poetry which consist of 14 lines, each line normally has 10 syllables and rhyme, as a poem normally does. The works covered in this paper will be an assortment of William Shakespeare’s sonnets, including sonnet I (1), XVIII (18), XX (20), XXIX (29), LXXIII (73), and CXVI (116). These sonnets selected
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Some of the nature references are “He is warm like a lovely summer day; He knows a love like this with shake his world like the days in May.” Shakespeare mainly discussing this man’s charming good looks and how they make him feel in ways he knows he shouldn’t. Although, in the Renaissance Studies Volume 12 No. 2 it is said that Shakespeare’s poems are about the struggle of loving two people at once, one being a woman, and the other being a man. Sonnet 18, obviously being the love about a man, but can bring a deeper meaning to Sonnet I and the rest of the sonnets storyline, as I previously mentioned Shakespeare’s sonnets work together to create a story. “It is suggested in the journal written by Sakar that his sonnets are more about power. The power being considered as the power of love and the power of time. We read them as love poems, as the poems are read we are struck with the passion and intensity that are held within the sonnets. But, also while we read them we self-analysis, experience guilt, pain, shame, despair, pride, comfort, joy, and triumph” (Sarkar 254). In my opinion this is why his sonnets have lived the test of time over the many centuries, and it is because we are able to relate to the story line of his sonnets and be in sympathy with the writer. Shakespeare making it easy through his great literature for us to feel …show more content…
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