Analysis: The Most Hated Son

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Being a good parent is not as easy as many people usually think it is. It takes a lot of effort from parents to teach their kids becoming well-educated person. The lessons kids have been learning from their parents is the most important thing that parents should focus on. Unfortunately, the son in the story “The Most Hated Son” has an irresponsible and an alcoholic mother. After all, he still chooses to forgive her and also changes his daughter’s development effectively. That makes him an admirable man. He teaches his daughter to always be respectful to her parents and her family no matter how bad it would be. This is the most valuable lesson and also the thing I admire him for. There is an old story that a small …show more content…
The mother was old, weak and she had dementia, so one day the man told his wife to take his mother to the nearby forest by a cart and let her die there. The next day, when he was preparing to take his mother away, he saw his son was making a new cart. He asked his son what he was doing, the little boy said that he was making that cart for mom and dad; he would take them to the forest as they were doing to grandmother then. The father cried and he knew that he was wrong. He was doing disrespectfully to his mother. The above story is familiar to the lesson the father in “The Most Hated Son” taught his daughter, it shows that if we disrespect for our parents, we would be treated the same way by our children. Parents should be a good mirror for their children because kids always learn most of things and behaviors from the parents. Henceforth, despite being hated and refused from the mother, the son always tries to love her, shows his forgiveness to her. He does that because he wants to be a …show more content…
He shows his love by making his mother feel happier. He usually sends her fruits, flowers and candy for holidays, birthdays; even if he knew that he would only receive terse handwritten notes and rejection from her. Although he had a horrible childhood, he was the smallest, weakest and sick that the mother wanted to let him die, but now he still takes care of her. That shows he is a pious son, this is one of his wonderful manners. When he heard that she had dementia, he drove his wife and his daughter more than 6 hours to see her with a chocolate bar she had asked him for. There are not many sons who would do that for their mother, especially when they had terrible childhoods with alcoholic mothers. Those children hate their irresponsible parents, they usually do not care nor contact them when they grown up. However, the main character visits his mother, brings her his love, her photo of when she was a beautiful 24-year-old actress and also shows her his family. He wants to pull her closers to him by showing her her daughter-in-law and her granddaughter. He means that this is her family, their own family. His message to her is he forgives her and they could be a family together again. The son was admirable because of this. In summary, the main character does the right things, that is what a son should do for their mothers.

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