Analysis: The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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Malcolm X: The One Who Started From the Bottom

In The Autobiography of Malcolm X As Told to Alex Haley, Malcolm’s life went downfall after his father was brutally murdered. Malcolm was sent to reform school at the age of eight, where later he realized being black was a disadvantage because they didn’t have a place in society. Malcolm thought of being black hurt him; he thought he should hate himself for being who he is. He thought that everything happened because he was black. In The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Malcolm understanding of racial identity changes over the course of his life. Ever since, when Malcolm was young he knew that he couldn’t escape his black identity. After Malcolm came back from Mecca, he realized
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Feeling brotherhood with white-skinned Muslims, he returns to the United States with a message of racial tolerance and an impartial commitment to truth and justice. The trip to Mecca showed Malcolm that it doesn’t matter if you are white, or black, or any other race, they should get along. When Malcolm was on his flight to Mecca, he saw people from all ethnicities. He says “All honoring the same God Allah, all in turn giving equal honor to each other.”(pg.330). Malcolm X views completely changed from before. The NOI was teaching to hate the white man. Malcolm realized how all people are equal even if they looked …show more content…
He hated who he is because he wasn’t accepted. His mother didn’t accept him because he was lighter than his other siblings. His teacher encouraged him to work hard, he also told him he won’t get a good job because he’s black. The one huge problem that made Malcolm hate his identity was when his father died. It was one event that led to many. Malcolm hated everything what happened to him was because he was black. Then when Elijah Muhammad came into his life, he made Malcolm feel like his identity was a privilege. This makes it seem that Malcolm needs to guide him. He lost everything that he needed someone to bring him up. This make it easier to think that Malcolm X struggled to find himself, and after he became Muslim it made him realize how that was only the world they live in. It wasn’t his fault that anything that happened in his past, it was the white man’s fault. I can make a connection with Arnold because he had a disadvantage because of his race. Malcolm was a Native American who lived on a indian reservation. He went to a white school and his first day everybody made fun of him. This can relate to Malcolm X because they were in a community where they were targeted based on how they looked and their race. Malcolm was separated from his family by going to reform school, also Arnold couldn’t spend anytime with his family because his school was far. They were also both hurt by a death in their family.

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