Analysis : ' The Asylum ' Essay

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TOTAL INSTITUTIONS Umass Boston has similar characteristics as those seen in Zimbardo and Asylum. Goffman in his book, he talks of 'the Asylum ' as a mental institution which is like a prison and 'total ' in its aim to shape, define and repress their peoples’ self. It portrays some similarity with Boston where most people adopt behaviors that their peers have. People of different cultures converge there but end up having similar behaviors. Another similarity is that most higher learning institutions have one major purpose which is to educate. This indulges in mind of the students that the only purpose of going to such institutions is to learn, hence bringing a similar sense of thought in all those students. This is the same as those people in mental hospitals who go there for the purpose of change in character and behavior. (Goffman 1968) In addition, Umass is similar to Asylum book in the way an inmate goes to a prison, is trained on good character and finally when released goes back to his/her original state. In Umass, a student may shape character while in the institution and when they mix with members of the society behave in similar way. (Goffman 1968) The difference between Umass and these prisons is that the former comes up with people of more developed mind who can produce in the society while the later ends up with much manipulated minds that once released to the society slowly gain their original behaviors. Also, in Boston, it is a place where people with…

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