Analysis : The Art Museum Essay

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Boston Cremes. Wayne Thiebaud, 1962, (14 in. x 18 in. Crocker Art Museum)
This painting is done with oil on canvas. The painting itself holds visual texture and substance. The repetition and sorting is well executed. With some other works, subject matter which is so simple can come off as bland and boring. Yet Thiebaud was able to turn something so simple into a beautiful piece of art. Wayne Thiebaud uses heavy pigment and defined shadowing. All while the attention to detail is divine. With the well defines brushstrokes to luscious look of the frosting that coats the pieces of cakes. The color is vivid and imminently captures your eye; with intensity and he uses his shading properly while also using proper proportions as the pieces of pie go down the line. The painting is clean and not too chaotic. It’s well balanced and easily understood. With all of the colors and texture it still does not come off as “muddy”. The forms are very clear and it is no question what the subject matter is. The painting has a strong sense of unity, giving you the feeling of a pleasent whole. While also displaying predictable movement and order.
“Street and Shadow”, Wayne Thiebaud, 1982 (35.75 in Crocker Art Museum)
Another great painting done by Wayne Thiebaud. His use of pleasantly rick and ravishing oils follows though within this piece. It is an oil on linen masterpiece. Thiebaud gave the city scape depth and character. Beyond that the painting just gives you a feeling of satisfaction. The…

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