Essay On Acceptance Of Personal Responsibility

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Requirement I.
Lesson 1, Point III. The Acceptance of Personal Responsibility - Jude 16-25 The reason I chose this point is because of the truth in it. Before a person is saved, he/she must, by the truth of the Word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, realize and admit and take personal responsibility for their sin. This same personal responsibility continues throughout the Christian's life. We must take responsibility for our actions. In the same way, If we are to develop a walk with God, and an above average relationship with our Father, we must take personal responsibility and discipline ourselves to develop that walk and relationship. I cannot rely on my pastor, although God uses him in my life for the better, nor can I rely on my
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I am glad to be able to worship him the way that he wants and to be able to please him. He loves me and wants me to draw close to him and learn more about him and I can do that in part through praise and worship. It is good to be saved.
Lesson 9 :Point II. The Purpose of Fasting I chose this point because of the importance it has in my life. Up to this point, fasting to me has been something that the people in the Bible did. I just didn't think it was necessary in my Christian life. But seeing the purpose of fasting has shown me that I need the blessings and the closeness to God that I find in letting go of the physical and grabbing ahold of my spiritual Father, as Bro. Murray has stated. The first sub-point here, humbling yourself before God, reminds me of Paul's words about God's strength in my weakness. It shows me that I need to let God be my strength, instead of trying on my own. In fasting, I realize how frail I am, and I realize God's sustaining grace. I love food, so fasting for me, is all about learning self-denial in a new way. I know that God is not saying food or the like of food is bad. But he wants us to practice trusting in him alone, not relying on the physical, or letting the physical control us. God is good, always providing a way for his children to

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