Personal Statement: Robotics

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Suhit Kodgule MSE: Robotics

Personal Statement

At this stage of robotics, there is a dissonance among two fields, two pieces that prevent from forming a cohesive whole: artificial intelligence and control theory. While AI suffers from a lack of rigorous mathematical design that can ensure robustness, control theory lacks the cognitive reasoning essential for solving problems in perception or path planning. The problem that I wish to address is this: can we develop a unifying, all-encompassing theory that can merge AI and control theory, possessing the advantages of both while rejecting the disadvantages of both? This question became prominent due to three projects I had undertaken.
The first research project was on developing
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My internship at CET Power solutions was one such experience. My work consisted of automating the entire process of water supply right from monitoring the supply to fault rectification. This internship also allowed me to experience high pressure environments as I had to simultaneously juggle a 50 hour-per-week internship and learn German for Goethe Institute’s A1 exam. Another experience was designing of a miniature robot at the workshop of the Robozest competition, where I won first place. The reason that I found robotics this appealing is clear enough: robotics directly translates the mathematics into physical reality. I find it immensely satisfying to be able to hold the tangible fruits of labor in my hands and overcome complex …show more content…
Since I wish to invest sufficient time in both AI and control theory, the robotics MSE program would align exceptionally well with my research prospects. Moreover, the program’s technical electives such as CIS 515 and ESE 504 would allow me to develop the adjunct theories for research as well. In conjunction with mastering both control theory and AI, I wish to apply that knowledge for robot navigation. Prof CJ Taylor’s expertise in this domain would help me gain the requisite exposure needed for the pursuit of my aspirations and I would be humbled if I were given the opportunity to contribute to his projects in any way I

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