Analysis : Shred, The Revolutionary Diet Essay

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Everyone wants to lose weight but not everyone knows how to start the process. The good news is we have created a training plan designed to help individuals seeking to lose weight; kick start the process. If you follow the outlined plan; you can expect to lose ten pounds in thirty days. The plan focuses on diet, , supplements, exercise, tips and tricks and overall well-being.
The training methods utilized to present plan materials include the standard lecture, team teaching, and presentation. More specifically the methods used are demonstration (smoothie and strength building), hands-on trainee interaction (ice break activity and goal setting) as well as audio visual instruction (power point and training manual). Dr. Ian Smith in his book, Shred, The Revolutionary Diet, focuses on the importance of easting small meals several times a day and diet confusion. He finds that by applying these concepts; one will be less hungry, increase body fat burning efficiency, and likely to stick to a healthy eating plan (Smith, 2012). This training plan is not to be confused with his actual SHRED diet while it is modeled after it; it is not the SHRED revolutionary diet. The food component of this training plan resembles SHRED in that it requires one to eat many times a day and also mixes up the meals and snacks to reach maximum results. The outlined menu provides you with 30 days of meals. The meals are interchangeable as well as the snacks. The most important things to…

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