Analysis: Revenue Share Analysis

Register to read the introduction… The surplus funds kept will add to the revenues and profits of the company, and can be used for other items.

ANALYSIS 2 – Revenue Share Analysis
Analysis- An analysis was performed to find out which countries created the biggest market for the company and also to review each salespersons performance... [continues] example, if you were analyzing sales performance, you might wish to point out the percentage earned by the highest and lowest salespersons.]

[Copy a graphic representation that graphically depicts the analysis in your spreadsheet – a chart, pivot table, or other summary of the data.]
[Provide a recommendation to the company. Based on your analysis, what might they do to improve sales? For example, based on salesperson performance, the company might set a baseline for sales performance and require that all salespersons stay within that baseline in order to keep your job. This might motivate better
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The analysis and recommendations below are based on the data you provided, which covers a period from May 2004 through June 2006. The analysis below is based on this data alone. Therefore, our recommendations should be tempered by your knowledge of business realities and your market. Please let us know if we can answer any questions concerning the analysis or the recommendations provided.

ANALYSIS 1 – Revenue Share Analysis
Analysis- Analysis was carried out to find out which countries formed the biggest market for the company and also to evaluate salespersons’ performance in relation to each other and overall revenues of the company.Majority of sales come from USA and Germany, with Austria, Brazil, and France in that order followed by other countries. It would be better for the company to focus on customers in these areas as they show good potential for growth through repeat business.Peacock is the top salesperson followed by Leverling and Davolio. Some salespeople can be identified and sent to training so that they are able to achieve more going

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