Analysis: Rebuttals To My Characterization Of Reclamation

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IV: Rebuttals to my Characterisation of Reclamation

In the above, I have created a model to represent to sociological phenomena of the reclamation of slurs. I have given an example how we can see this mechanism at work with respect to the word queer. Though this provides evidence in support of my thesis the question arises as to what measure should be used to more so test the effectiveness of the model. What should be considered and how can my thesis best be supported?

The model which I have created is described by as an idealisation model (Frigg and Hartmann, 2016). That is, a model that aims to simplify a complicated system in order to make sense of what is going on. How can one assess whether what I have created should be seen as an accurate
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That is to say, reclamation is often used as an affront to the pervading views of society to take away power from society as opposed to simply changing the value of the word to benefit the affected class. To right this we could incorporate the model proposed by Galinsky, Wang, Whitson et al in The Reapproriation of Stigmatizing Labels: The Reciprocal Relationship Between Power and Self Labelling. Which instead of operating on the axis of positivity/negativity as my original approach takes it instead operates on the axis of power, though positivity/negativity is drawn into the equation, for example at one point they note that “power often produces status, whose currency is respect and admiration”. They write that self-labelling as the derogatory term gives the self-labeller power, observers will infer that this group has power and will therefore see the group with less negativity (Galinsky et al., 2013). Though this idea captures some of the story it does not quite characterise what is happening properly. It is not the case that an oppressed group gaining power will mean that the wider society sees them in a more positive light. In fact an oppressed group gaining power is likely to be seen in a negative light by the wider society. FIND A SOURCE SAYING THAT THE OPPRESSORS THINK NEGATIVELY OF THE OPPRESSED GAINING POWER . However this idea of reclamation giving an oppressed group power can be used to help explain how the act of reclamation should be seen as an attack on the power dynamics between to ruling class and the oppressed group and hence how a redressing of this may at times be actively confrontational to the oppressing group. This idea does not contradict what I have set out in the above, hence I believe it is a welcome addition to the

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