Analysis : Poor Fish And The Tall Woman Essay

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Coincidentally, love and judgement come in a variety of forms. Society has set ‘standards’ on people, on the way they look and act. For example, there could be two odd-looking people who are in a relationship. Some may say “Why are they together? They do not look good together,” or create unnecessary rumors and assumptions. An outsider’s judgement should never negatively affect the behavior of a couple’s relationship. This idea is portrayed in two heartwarming short stories, “Poor Fish” and “The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband.” In the short story “Poor Fish” by Alberto Moravia, a man who has a low self-esteem meets a woman named Ida, who instills a lot of self-confidence and love in the man. Another couple, who symbolizes ‘perfection,’ spots the ‘imperfect’ couple and begins to make fun of them and in short, instead of breaking the couple apart, puts the ‘perfect couple’s’ judgement to create an even stronger bond between the ‘imperfect’ couple. Another story where judgement is extremely prevalent is in “The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband,” a short story written by Feng Ji-Cai. “The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband” is about another older, odd-looking couple who are often judged by other women because of the difference in height between the man and woman. Many assumptions are made about the couple and at the end, the woman realizes that society can create unwanted rumors, but she knows that the bond she has with her husband is strong. Both stories suggest that although…

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