Analysis: Poems Written By Me

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Table of Contents – Poems Written By Me
Outside 1
Food 3
Vows 4
True Identity 5
Monochrome 6
It Flew 7
The Origin of Sandstorms 8
Exceptions 9

If in columns, read the left one first and down, then to the top of the right. Outside
Breaking shadows, cracking dawn
Mother bird composes her song
Bright, white light casts its shade
On firm, strong trees proudly made

Relief from heat, in waters blue
That rushing rivers flow into
Creeping spiders find their rest
Within the oaks where sparrows nest

Golden wheat, swaying gaily
Worms burrowing casually
Land forms roam unthinkingly
Chickadees laugh carelessly

Thunder cracks, lighting booms
Sweet, the rain perfumes
Colossal raindrops hit dirt in plumes of dust
Seek shelter little
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It has three lines for each stanza and the rhyming scheme is ABA, ABA. I was a little hungry here, so it influenced my writing. I wanted detail and visuals, but tongue in cheek. There are a lot of sensory details in this poem, which is the literary term I used for this.
Do you say “I do”?
Yes, I do, I do, I do
Bless you!

This poem is a modern haiku with the syllables, 5 7 2. I came up with this one when I was falling asleep, and I think it’s pretty funny.

True Identity
I look like a whale
I am a whale!

The true identity of Natalie Klassen is a whale lol jk, but truly, this is an amazing couplet and it speaks a lot about how humans view themselves. They think, oh, I’m just a stupid human, but really, humans are awesome, and so we should be happy about who we are.
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Or perhaps you may resolve to step on the ship
To travel and see your family once again, whom you miss.
Would you rewind back to the day,
When you uttered something you shouldn’t say
Would you redesign, and follow your dreams
And fix, patch and sew all broken seams.
Might you embrace your simple education,
And give your learning as a donation
Maybe you would build a magic ship.
To fly to people you dearly miss.
If you could choose to redo, to make up for a day
Which one would you choose, what different would you say?
Is it really necessary to hope for the past,
When what you do in the future, is really what will last?

This poem is a narrative poem about how some people have regrets in life, and they constantly wish to change them. This poem asks the reader what they’d like to change, but in the end, states that what you’ve done is done, and to make a better life for yourself, think of the future, and not the past
Now you see me
Now you don’t
How is the game played?
It isn’t

You don’t have a choice
To play or not
To join to fall apart
That’s the ways it is

Around the river
Round and round
The river that never stops
The thoughts that never stop

It’s not your mind
The mind of pain
It’s not your

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