Analysis : `` Please, And `` We Live On Water `` Essay

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A father’s job is to care for his children, to keep them safe from harm. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way as is made clear in two Jess Walter’s stories, “Please” and “We Live in Water” from a book of the same name We Live in Water. In “Please” the son in the story lives with his mom, Carla, and her druggie boyfriend, Jeff in an environment where drugs come first. Tommy, the absentee father, has little control regarding the safety of his child. In “We Live in Water”, it is the father Oren’s moral corruption that places his son Michael in harm’s way. While the each father’s story is different, their intentions are the same, to keep their son’s safe. Each story transmits their desperation and helplessness to the reader, in an almost palatable way, via the use of literary devices. Walter’s use of dialogue and interior monologue allows readers a glimpse of the raw emotions and unfiltered thoughts of these two flawed, but loving fathers that humanize them and creates an emotional connection that evolves into empathy. Dialogue in “Please” is scant, yet it is how the few words are spoken that conveys the underlying tension and feelings that Tommy has. The story starts with Tommy picking up his son for a visit and from the first utterance of “What the hell, Carla?” (Walter 83), his feelings and what he wants to know are intertwined and yet unspoken in the short dialogue. This dialogue communicates both frustration and the need to know why he hasn’t been…

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