Analysis : Piss Christ, The Artist And American Photographer Andres Serrano

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"Piss Christ" it is one of the most famous works and the most controversial one made by the artist and American photographer Andres Serrano. The full title of the work is "Immersion (Piss Christ)". It is a picture taken in 1987 in Cibachrome print 60x40 cm. The presentation is a small plastic crucifix and wood submerged in a glass of the artist 's own urine. The photography belong to a series that Serrano had made that involved several classical figurines immersed in various fluids like milk, blood, tears, semen and urine. Piss Christ, won the "Award for Visual Arts" competition held in Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art 's, which was sponsored in part by the "National Endowment for the Arts," which is an agency of the Government of the United States that provide support and funding to arts projects without any content control. However, when this work was exhibited in 1989 caused much controversy and protest from the Church and from the most conservative branches of American and European culture. It gains the repudiation of public figures such as the US Senators Al 'Amato and Jesse Helms and there has to be discuss, again, the relationship among respect for believers of any religion, freedom of expression, the controversy that generates a work of art (which may offend the faithful) and its likely government support. Indeed, the piece was exposed, and perhaps, if it would not be for the government 's validation and giving him the prize money,…

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