Essay about Analysis on Hobnail by Crystal Arbogast

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Analysis “Hobnail” by Crystal Arbogast
The author of the story is Crystal Arbogast. She is an American famous writer. She was born in Wise County, Virginia. And the events of the story take place also there. She did not start writing stories until she was 40 years old. Crystal Arbogast is well-known for her short stories.
The story is entitled “Hobnail”. The title doesn’t reveal the theme and the idea of the story. I want to say, that I had several ideas what the story would be about before reading. And I couldn't even imagine that it was this story. It was very difficult to assume what role a hobnail would play in the story and the destiny characters. But to my mind it is an interesting title. I don’t know why, but it attracted my
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But indeed she, like other women, just wanted to spend the night at her own home with her husband and her children, in spite of the night and the long way to home.
John gave his sister a lantern, because it was getting chilly and Ellen and Fannie went home. We can see that brother worries about his elder sister. When parting she kissed him and hugged his wife gently. As she was pregnant (“Patting her sister-in-law on her swollen belly”- metaphorical epithet), Ellen advised her what to do with “queasy feeling” (metaphor). We can see that these are warm relations. They loved each other and were concerned about each other.
So Ellen secured her own shawl about her shoulders and picked up the lantern. Taking Fannie's right hand, the pair proceeded on the three-mile trek back home. We can suppose that their social status wasn’t high, because they went on foot and they lived far from the town. The place was mountainous and it was difficult to go. “It wound and wound around the mountains and through the valleys” and also “Heavy rains during the last week had left the dirt road virtually impassable for anyone on foot”. It was a moonless night and very scary atmosphere. Fannie got scared. Her mother told her different stories of all big cites far away and sang one of the religious hymns to cheer her daughter up.
The author uses a lot of

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