Analysis Of Zheng And Warschauer 's ( 2015 ) Article, Participation, Interaction, And Academic Achievement

1200 Words Dec 1st, 2015 null Page
Zheng and Warschauer’s (2015) article “Participation, interaction, and academic achievement in an online discussion environment” presents the results of a study focusing on the value of online discussion environments in order to support improvements in the academic performance of students, particularly those who are linguistically diverse. Basically, the author’s main purpose of this study is to determine whether or not online discussion environments are actually helpful in supporting improvements in the academic performance of linguistically diverse student populations. In addition, the study includes an analysis of the impact of the use of online discussion environments on the relationships among students and teachers, and how the entire system facilitates the development of improved academic performance of the students. In this regard, the main research question is on whether or not such an online discussion environment is valuable for student-teacher interactions and academic performance. The study is conducted in recognition of the continuing increase in the significance of online tools in providing support for the traditional learning environment, thereby indicating the emphasis of the study of the benefits of having a mixed strategy involving traditional tools and online tools. However, the author recognizes that there may be limitations on their use of these online tools, thereby prompting this study to determine the actual value of these online discussion…

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