Analysis Of Ys On Prop 58

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YES on Prop 58!
“To have another language is to possess a second soul” (Charlemagne). There are plenty of reasons for someone to learn second language that will benefit his or her personal and professional life. As a state consist of diverse population with many languages spoken, California and every aspect of its multicolored life is profoundly influenced by that richness.
But sometimes in this multicolored state, depending on many things including the political climate, social interactions, tension among the people and even the reelection of politicians, can arose issues such as how the English Language Learners should be taught and what language should be used for instructions,. The Prop 58 is proposed to repeal the Prop 227, which was proposed
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Third, only the professionals are people who know what kind of approaches are better and should be chosen in order to teach their students in more effective way. So Prop 58 is democratic because it gives the right of choice to the teachers, school districts and of course to the parents, while Prop 227 gives the right to the state and imposes only the English immersion program. Fifth, prop 58 consider the diversity and does not restrict and narrow the education to only one type such as the only English immersion program for all children, which differ in their capacities and capabilities. Lastly, the decision on the instructional approach has trickle-down effect on the students’ performance, psychology and behaviors, so with passing the Prop 58, the students will be able to get better sense of self and that will help for proper identity achievement and self-fulfillment, which contributes to the personal happiness. The children and the youngsters experience identity crisis, and the formation and achievement of identity according to the psychologist Eric Erikson is an important part of the human life. He believes that identity is formed throughout the life and it can change …show more content…
Fist, as the Senator Lara on the radio program points out “the only one fits program” (Senator Ricardo Lara, 2016), is not appropriate for all students. “Spanish-dominant students learn English faster and better in classrooms that include Spanish-language instruction, according to a 2006 National Literacy Panel report.” states K. Korducki in her article on NPR. The students are diverse in their abilities, so the problem is not simple to be resolved with only one solution. As multilayered issue, it requires modernization through research. The Senator Lara also expresses that the study results “countered this only English notion.”(Senator Ricardo Lara, 2016). Another source that states the positive results of bilingual education, is the research made by a cognitive neuroscientist, Ellen Bialysto. In the article “The Bilingual Advantage” published in the New York Times on 2011, Claudia Dreifus shares the results of the Bialysto’s research that show how “the executive control system” (Dreifus, New York Times, 2011) of the of the brains of the bilingual children work more effectively and give them beneficial cognitive abilities,” The bilinguals, we found, manifested a cognitive system with the ability to attend to important information and ignore the less important.”(Dreifus, New York Times, 2011). But this not the only advantage, there is more.

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