Analysis Of Youtube Videos And Its Influence On Society Essay

1473 Words Apr 28th, 2016 6 Pages
Zac’s youtube videos was made to expand his experience to others who are foreign to the following religions: Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism. Zac’s purpose is for the viever to gain further understanding like he did. I learned key concepts in each faith and pieces that caught my attention that helped in understanding their beliefs and way of life.

The video gave me an insight to key informations about Judaism. First, I learned about the Mezuzah. It is a scribe where part of the Torah is handwritten. It is hanged in every doorpost in a Jew’s house along with the Shoma, their famous prayer. It is important in a Jewish household as it signifies that a person is entering a godly house and every room is secured by God. Secondly, the video introduced me to different types of Jews. I alsolearned that it is possible for you to be a blend of two, like Mendy who is both a Hasidic and an Orthodox Jew.

As I am watching the video, there are topics that caught my attention. To begin with, I found how being a youtuber fits in Mendy’s Jewish life interesting. This is because I am aware that most Jews stay away from technology as they percieve it is evil. On the contrary, Mendy’s sect is very flexible that their traditional customs found compromise with the modern world. In my opinion, this makes a Jew’s life more pleasant to live by as they are not constricted with firm laws. Also, I think that this builds a friendly relationship between those that are not Jews as well. What made me wonder…

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