Analysis Of Your Water Footprint By Stephen Leahy

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How many showers do you take daily? As I read Stephen Leahy’s book Your Water Footprint: The Shocking Facts About How Much Water We Use to Make Everyday Products, I have opened my eyes to how much of the water resources my household uses daily. Do you ever wonder how much water you use daily? You most likely don’t sit down wondering where water comes from or how much you use a day but, I would like you to take a moment to jot down all the water sources you have used throughout the day. As you continue reading this essay you will expand your knowledge on how your intake of water effects the water supply throughout the world.
I would like to go back to my initial question. How many showers do you take daily? Once you have your answer, I would like to know how long they are. Now I am going to convert a ten minute shower into gallons. According to Stephen Leahy’s book ten minute showers uses forty to fifty gallons of water, unless you have a water-efficient showerhead which then reduces the water use by hundred liters (26 liters). (Leahy 55) At this point your daily water
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What would you expect virtual water to be? My initial thought was how could we have fake water? But it’s not fake. Virtual water is the water that is unseen. Virtual water is what made the couch or chair you’re currently siting on, and that computer you’re currently using. Water is used to make everything you see, touch and feel. Would you believe me if I told you your jeans were made with water? Surprisingly, Stephen Leahy reports “it takes more than 7,600 liters (two thousand gallons) of water to make a single pair of jeans.” (Leahy 5) On a daily basis we use up to eight thousand gallons of virtual water on a daily basis. Virtual water is also used in food, for example that cup of coffee from this morning that we had touched upon earlier used one hundred forty liters (thirty-seven gallons) of water in one

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