Analysis Of ' You ' As First Person Essay

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This case use “you” as first person. The author may want let the reader to live in this occasion while they are reading this case, so the reader can be more understanding about this situation. The main character is a married woman who has two children, one son, and a daughter. Her son faces a problem in school. She is “working at the Regent Corporation for 15 years” (Ciulla, 208) and her husband also busy at work. Her work is extreme heavy, which request she work overtime and work at weekend. She gave up her vacation and ask for a reasonable two day off, but the manager reject her requisition in an impolite way. She is struggling with work and personal life. It is unethical work and family time unbalance. This woman has multiple roles in her life, a mother, a wife, and an employee. This work take too much time from her. For children, family is the first school for children’s lives. First, they learn their personal value from their family. It doesn’t means they learn what their parents talk about. They also learn from parents’ behavior. The parents both were busy at work and they were so tired when they went back home. People do not come with much patience when they are tired. “Because of greater responsibilities for childcare, women (mothers) can often experience higher levels of work/life conflict than men (fathers). Generally, the younger the children, the greater the amount of care required, and hence, the greater the work and personal life interference…

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