Essay about Analysis Of ' Wuthering Heights '

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In Wuthering Heights, growing up seems to be an issue. The characters in the book find it very hard to mature into independent people on their own. However, there is a difference between the first major generation and the second: the first’s childishness is negative and intrusive to their lives, to the point there it’s very damaging towards them as people and the way that they treat others. The second generation, however, is somehow able to channel that silliness into transforming them as people and allowing them to grow into adults. Finally, Nelly, the servant, is the absolute most mature out of all the characters in Wuthering Heights. Ironically, it’s because she’s a servant.
The first generation is filled to the brim with petty childishness. Three major characters that exhibit this are Cathy1, Heathcliff, and Hindley, but primarily Cathy1. Cathy1 is incredibly narcissistic, believing that everyone loves her and everything revolves around her, “I thought, though everyone hated and despised each other, they could not avoid loving me” (89). She also is very immature with her actions; she has a temper tantrum, stamping her foot and yelling, when Nelly refuses to leave the room. Cathy1 then starts attacking Hareton, and when Edgar tries to stop her, he gets a slap in the face. Edgar tries to leave, but all of a sudden the furious and vicious Cathy1 now is crying at his feet, begging him to stay (51-52). Even when she’s older, she manages to tear a pillow with her teeth in…

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