Analysis Of ' Words For Hearing ' Essay

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Within my final portfolio are four essays that I have completed throughout composition 1 during the fall semester of 2015 at Collin College. These four essays include a literacy narrative, an article analysis essay, followed by an essay reporting information, and a position arguing essay. All four of these essays were written with one collective purpose. That purpose was to express my personal views on topics while constantly keeping the readers in consideration. While writing my literacy narrative, “Words for Hearing” my purpose was to formulate an essay and present the readers with a narrative that effectively presented my own experiences with both reading and writing. I did this by speaking on exactly how participating in the backstage construct of a poetry event opened my eyes to the importance of listening to the performances of poetry as opposed to limiting oneself to simply reading a poem.
I could have enhanced my essay by furthering my explanation on how exactly these series of events impacted me as not only a person, but also a writer. I also lacked a variety of vivid detail throughout my paragraphs. This could have been done by adding more sensory details that gave more imagery to each scenario. The importance of vivid details within a literacy narrative usually is because of the need to create each scene in creative writing similar to one in a film or movie to fully get the reader involved. I also missed the opportunity to entirely give an explanation to the long…

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