Analysis Of Woodrow Wilson 's ' The Anglo Saxons ' Essay

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1. Strong’s view of American Imperialism in Our Country consists of the Anglo-Saxons spreading the word of God and civilizing mankind. By achieving these two goals, Strong believed that the Anglo-Saxons would elevate the human race of the world. William Sumner’s view is completely opposite. Sumner believes that the Americans pushing their views on other countries are absurd. He believes that Americans should leave people alone and let them live their own lives and have their own beliefs. Ultimately, Americans forcing someone to believe in something is taking away his or her own liberty.

President McKinley decided to acquire the Philippines as an American territory to uplift, civilize, and Christianize them. He did not want to give them back to Spain or turn them over to France or Germany. He also felt that he could not let them fend for themselves for they would have anarchy.

2. According to Woodrow Wilson, America went to war to get vindication of human rights. The Germans were taking American lives and they were sinking their ships. Not only are the Americans being harmed, but neutral and friendly nations to America were also being targeted. Wilson also went to war because he believed that being submissive caused more harm than good. If Americans were submissive they would suffer the rights of their Nation and the people would be violated.

The tone of Wilfred Owen’s poem, Dulce et Decorum Est is sorrow. At the beginning of the poem Owen is describing the life of a…

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