Essay on Analysis Of Wood And Cuffe 's Analysis

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In Wood and Cuffe’s analysis, they say Eldorado is indeed a perfect state. “Eldorado is perfect, but perfection itself is a problem in Voltaire 's view, as his recurring allusions to the Garden of Eden also suggest,” (Wood and Cuffe). But I disagree with what they say besides the fact they state that Eldorado is not ideal. There are many pertaining flaws to Eldorado that make it not as perfect as it was presented. Many details can be pointed out in the short chapter of Eldorado that prove it is not desirable. Although many scholars and literary critics analyze Eldorado as a perfect society, it is not because there are many things wrong with Eldorado.
Voltaire wrote Candide during the Enlightenment period which focused primarily on natural rights and moving away from the old principles and government which was at the time an Absolute Monarch system. But in the beginning of the chapter it is clearly stated that there was a king. “The King will receive you in such a manner that you will have no reason to complain,” (Butt 50). As of Voltaire’s time period a monarchy was not the style of Government that the ordinary people thought was ideal. So having a utopia setting with a form of Government he despises, disproves the theory of Eldorado being an “ideal state”. There is also an extreme social hierarchy and economic inequality in Eldorado as shown in the beginning of the chapter. The first humans they encounter in Eldorado is children in badly torn clothes made from gold…

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