Essay about Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's ' Othello '

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A telltale sign of a good story is when one can identify and relate with the characters. Shakespeare is known as one of the absolute best at creating flawed characters that are still worth caring for. It’s difficult to connect with real people and fictional characters alike when they present themselves as flawless, because human beings aren’t perfect and they relate and bond over these imperfections. One of Shakespeare’s greatest yet most troubled characters is Othello; a courageous man, blind to his own detriments,who that has worked for everything he has despite imposing circumstances. Othello is an extremely complex individual whose personality traits coincide remarkably well with those of world-renowned rapper and fashion designer Kanye West. There are multiple parallels between Kanye West and Othello, such as their inability to recognize their own faults, their constant drive for success, and their struggle with being black men in predominantly white male environments.

One’s incapacity to own up to their shortcomings or failures can harm one’s relationships with those around them and affect their professional life. Othello and Mr. West share the inability to look past their pride and fix their errors, or view things from a perspective that is not their own. Their pride doesn’t allow them to reconsider once they’ve made a decision. Othello consistently speaks down to Iago and states that if he doubts Desdemona once, he’ll have his mind made up without giving…

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