Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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“To be, or not to be”
English poet and playwright William Shakespeare - one of the most mysterious and most brilliant figures in world literature and history. So far, there are persistent talk that Shakespeare was not the author of the unsurpassed tragedies, comedies and sonnets, which is read out people for the past five centuries. Until now, many of the facts of his biography are hidden behind a thick curtain of secrecy. Until now, fans of Shakespeare every year organize Shakespeare Reading, conduct workshops and conferences devoted to his work.
Shakespeare - created an entire artistic universe, he had an incomparable imagination and knowledge of life, the knowledge of people, so any analysis of his play is extremely interesting and instructive. However, of all Shakespeare 's plays first by value was "Hamlet," which can be seen even by the number of his translations. For example consider the tragedy that has brought new understanding of Shakespeare in the world and man late Renaissance.

Let 's start with the fact that the story of "Hamlet", like almost all the other works of Shakespeare, borrowed from the previous literary tradition. Have not survived the tragedy of Thomas Kidd 's "Hamlet", presented in London in 1589, but we can assume that it relied Shakespeare, giving his version of the story, first told in the Icelandic chronicles of the XII century. Saxo Grammaticus, the author of the "History of the Danes", says an episode of Danish history "dark time". The feudal…

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