Analysis Of ' Why I Want A Wife ' By Judy Brady Essay

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Have you ever wanted a wife, you being male or female? In the essay “Why I Want A Wife” by Judy Brady, she explains the role as a wife, mother, supplier, caregiver and much more. Brady says she would like to have a wife to do chores, is obedient and listens and is even attentive to sexual needs. Of course, Brady does not mean she really wants a wife, but rather a husband who has the attributes of a wife. One who will do chores, listen and pay attention to her sexual needs for once. Brady is a mother and wife herself so most of these attributes she has taken from her own life and even from her own mother. In her essay, Brady shows three main rhetorical devices: repetition, satire, and theme. Right off the bat she uses repetition..The ninth sentence is where it starts, she states “I want a wife” (Brady,263). After that, she says it 22(or more) times throughout the rest of the writing. “Repetition is a powerful force in fiction. It can emphasize setting, highlight a character trait, draw attention to a seemingly minor detail. Repeated words, repeated information, repeated sentence construction can turn your reader 's attitude from eager interest to downright hostility.” (Repetition in Fiction). Adding on to that insert, another reason to repeat the saying is to remind readers the main purpose. The fallacy, wishful thinking, fits in here because it says “a specific type of appeal to emotion where a decision is made according to what might be pleasing to imagine, rather than…

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