Essay on Analysis Of Whiplash And Black Swan

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There’s immediate tension in the respective title sequences of Whiplash and Black Swan. The beating of a drum quickens and intensifies. The soft strings of an ensemble fade in with a grand orchestra following suit. Superficially, these movies are exact opposites of each other. The artistic mediums in which each protagonist pursues are rhythmically contradictory. Physically, they rival each other, as Whiplash focuses predominantly on Andrew Neiman’s hands while Black Swan emphasizes Nina’s feet twisting and being distorted. Each character is rooted in the stereotype of their gender, which makes these movies seem so blaringly dissimilar. However, while the character’s respective genders drive a division between these films, the structure of storyline remains the same in each. It’s a hero’s tale of a young adult, pushed debatably past their absolute limits by a mentor, in pursuit of achieving perfection. The technical aspects of both films emphasize this gender binary while also strengthening the structural similarities. This immediate tension that was presented to the audience during the title sequences functions not only superficially for setting the film, it also serves as the catalyst for looking at Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash and Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan more intimately. This tension is present on a multitude of planes both for each individual film as well as when the films are in conversation with each other.

There are several structural points and key plot…

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