Essay about Analysis of Where the Gods Fly

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Stella Vallik Christianshavns Gymnasium November 2012
Analytical Essay
Jean Kwok: Where The Gods Fly

Imagine permanently moving to a country where the language, the culture... everything is foreign to you. This is the reality of most immigrant parents, who try to raise their children safely in a foreign country, where strong influences can strip a person of their cultural identity. This is the exact situation we are dragged into, in the short story 'Where The Gods Fly' written by Jean Kwok. Here we meet a Chinese mother's unwelcoming approach, towards her daughter's passion for the arts of ballet.
The story is told by a first person narrator, from a mothers perspective. Her, her husband and her daughter migrated from China when
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Here the narrator is in the middle of a prayer. She ask the “Buddhas” to give her daughter understanding for why she is taking away her passion. A tragic, but essential outcome, according to the narrator.
The first person perspective, from the mothers position, offers the reader comprehension of an immigrant's life. Here one notices that there are many differences between her daughter and herself, caused by their adolescence evolving under different cultural conditions. At one specific point in the story, this becomes very obvious: the mother explains that when she was a young girl, she wasn't permitted an education, and therefore she wants Pearl to take advantage of the educational opportunities she's granted in America. The mother is also very committed to her chinese culture and religion, which is why she is so skeptical of others: “...her classmates would occasionally ask her to play at their houses, we couldn't allow her to go. I understood nothing of these people who did not bow to our gods and ate with sharp knives at the table.”(P.2, L.36-38), whereas Pearl appears more accepting of foreigners, and even blushes when receiving compliments from strangers. One other significant contrast between Pearl and her mother, is that Pearl is more accepted into the western society, than her mother. Seeing that Pearl has ballet as a link to the western culture: “Suddenly popular, she was invited to movies, get-togethers,

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