Analysis Of ' Where Am I ' And ' When I Am There Essay

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Through the “Where Am I?” and “When Am I There?” portion of The Gister Method Alberti gives us some very practical uses and ways to discover the where is the character is and when they are there in order of expand the wholeness of a character. We have started to discover the importance of the given circumstances through monologue rehearsals and the impact that it makes on the overall tone and objectives in a piece of text. Throughout this chapter we are exposed to many aspects of the “Where Am I? and the “When I Am There” including the importance of this questions in relation to the audience, how to discover answers to these questions through carful reading of the play, and how to use imagination to fill in the blanks.
A significant part of the “Where Am I?” is used to bring the audience into the world of the play. Given circumstances and environment is one of the most important things for an actor to establish, because this truly gives the audience a starting point to be able to understand and join the characters on their journey. “Through the actors and designers, the audience can become captivated by the imaginary world of the play and begin to enter in to he given circumstances through its own imagination” (Alberti 34). In many cases the audience will know where the show takes place, but will have little information regarding the environment that the character lives in outside the scope of the play. This creates a challenge for the actor because they not only need to…

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