Analysis Of ' What 's Design `` By Robert Frost Essay

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What “Design” by Robert Frost Depicts About the World
Morgan Campbell
Catherine Cross
ENGL 1000.06 X/Y
March 10th 2015

“Design” is a poem that can support the belief of a higher power controlling what is happening, and can also create an argument to believe things are just a coincidence


The speaker, who is talking to his audience, and speaking in third person, finds a plump white spider on a flower ready to eat a white moth. The moth is like a rigid satin sheet of cloth, dead, killed by the spider. They are sitting on a white flower, called a heal-all, which is said to have healing powers. The three are surrounded by darkness and wrongdoing. The spider is a murderer, the moth has been murdered, and the strange flower is now the crime scene. They are like ingredients being mixed together in a witches’ broth, this being an allusion to the witches in “Macbeth” by Shakespeare. The flower and the spider are then described in a way that makes them seem light, fluffy, and innocent as opposed to the evil creates that they are. The dead wings of the moth are then compared to a kite being carried, no longer able to fly. In the new stanza, the tone of the poem changes. It is no longer describing the scene. The speaker is now questioning what is happening. The speaker wonders why the flower was white, and not blue. They wonder what brought the spider and the moth to this peculiar flower, at the same time. They then speculate that…

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