Analysis Of ' What The Black Man Wants `` Essay

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Reconstruction was a failure because most of the southern region rejected all forms of equality and construction while the colored was wanting to have a right to their own freedom and land. Looking back at it you can compare and contrast the similarities and differences of how the southern population treated its people and the northern population on how their people were treated talking about color of course. During the time of reconstruction not everyone had the same idea of moving forward as a country but instead to try to find ways to reestablish the laws of more southern ways of life. Only together as a whole they can move forward but until that is put into action nothing will go smooth and steady. The question is asked multiple times throughout history with the question of what is freedom? Fredrick Douglas in his speech “What the Black Man Wants” says “what is freedom? It is the right to choose one’s own employment…” (Doc 2). Do the people of color really receive this so called “freedom” when they are still being held back from society because of simple color. Finding liberty among the words written on these documents and laws wasn’t easy for people of colored skin. The black society shouldn’t have to have the label of being a slave but instead give the right to be free. Following up with Bailey Wyat a former slave who wasn’t as educated but had the same idea of being free. In Speech by Bayley Wyat he says, “We has a right to the land where we are located” (Doc 6).…

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