Analysis Of Westbrook - The Town 's 2006 Grand List Topped $ 1.3 Billion

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WESTBROOK - The town 's 2006 grand list topped $1.3 billion, a large jump compared to 2005 where the list was $807.74 million. The jump is attributed to the fact that reassessments took place in 2006. Net assessments for 4,436 real estate accounts for 2006 was $1,224,556,960 compared with a net assessment in 2005 for 4,421 real estate accounts which totaled $717,828,630. While the number of personal property accounts increased between the two years, the total net assessment decreased. In 2006, there were 543 personal property accounts compared with 532 in 2005. The total net assessment in 2006 for personal property accounts was $33,259,135 while the 2005 total net assessment for personal property accounts was $41,254,948. Motor vehicle net assessments increased over the two years. The net assessment in 2006 for the town 's 7,568 motor vehicle accounts totaled $49,598,325 while the 2005 net assessment with 7,554 motor vehicle accounts totaled $48,664,262. The top 10 taxpayers for 2006 were Coroc/Westbrook I LLC, owners of the Tanger Facotry Outlet Center, at $27.30 million, Lee Company at $21.78 million, DGG Properties, owners of the Water 's Edge Resort and Spa, at $18 million, Pilots Point Marina at $13.3 million, Jensens, Inc. at $5.8 million, Tinty Donald Trustee $3.65 million, Westbrook Properties, LLC, at $3.62 million, IPC Information Systems, Inc., at $3.24 million, Coroc/Westbrook II LLC, at $3 million, Fusillo Isabella at $2.9 million. This compares with…

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