Analysis Of Wendell Berry 's ' Morality Essay

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Part One/Question 1 Wendell Berry’s augment about morality shows that morality is universal; it is not a list of rules, but a way of life to be practiced. Morality is the possibility for people to flourish in happiness, while considering the implications of those actions for future generations. The outcomes of our happiness will not be seen as instant karma for our children, but by what world is left for them to flourish in. Moreover, this world is not ours, we are only temporary residents of it, and consequently humans are the only species that are aware of this temporary existence. I believe that Berry is saying that to be genuinely happy and to flourish fully in our lifetime, we must know our limits as people and the consequences of having that knowledge. Berry believes that the number one value is the well-being of the world and that to care for this world we as humans must understand our limits. Consequently, with the advances in technology, humans do not feel that we are bound by any limits; limit of wealth, limits of knowledge, limits of consumption, etc. Having this state of mind, we think very selfishly of our existence and our morality is set off course, which can disrupt our lives and the ultimate goal of going to the kingdom of God. The moral limits that are set for us in society are not something told at birth and engraved in us, or everlasting in every choice we make. They change, are molded by the people and experiences around us and over time we learn our…

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