Analysis Of Wells Fargo ' The Six Characteristics Of John Swales ' Discourse Community Concept

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Wells Fargo is a multinational bank holding company that possesses the six characteristics of John Swales’ discourse community concept. It has a common public goal to satisfy its clients’ financial needs by providing various kinds of financial services to them. Their financial services ranging from consumer banking, corporate banking, auto lender, foreign currency exchange to investment banking and wealth management, are all available under one company. As a multinational corporation, it also has its own mechanism for intercommunication between members. It includes emails, telecommunication, and meetings to deliver information among members. News and banking related updates are also published in banking journals that most of the members in this discourse community will read to keep them up-to-date to the macroeconomics on critical business and policy challenges and trends. Knowing more on how the industry changes and trends could provide the members better understanding on how to formulate solution when there are changes happening. It also possesses multiple genres as there are different functions under one organization, and they are working together to support each function. Taking the example of its corporate banking division, it has its own financial department, sales team, human resources, marketing etc. When a discourse community is so large, they need extensive communicative proceedings to make sure that information is delivered to its destination. As a unique group…

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