Analysis Of Welcome To Society By Erin Hanson

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Have you ever read poetry that can inspire you in your everyday life? Poetry that discusses the deep truth about our world and the people who wander it? Well, there is some poetry that can give you a better understanding about life,ourselves, and how to handle situations that come across our path. Inspiring you and motivating you to do your best. This types of poetry can really give the reader a deep knowledge about how to challenge the unknowns. Guiding you on how to work on your up and down moments. Poet Erin Hanson writes poetry that explains the cruel reality of life and also poetry that attracts all walks of people and their everyday challenges with life itself. This essay will present Erin Hanson's excellent poetry motivating many with her presentation of the deep realities of the world and society. …show more content…
This poem presents the harsh reality of our society and how media drives the world, making individuals care about other people's opinions so much, instead of their own, that it drives them to do things they never would have expected to do, to reach other people's expectations. How hurtful words can make oneself feel hurt deep down inside and leads one to do unexpected things. Also the poem states “ once you get into society, you can not get out.” This quote shows how once you get into the society, their is no way you can get out because no matter what you do or people say about you, you will still be known in the society and be in it. This poem is a big example of how our society is like these days, with social

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