Analysis Of ' We Live At Water ' By Jess Walter Essay example

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“We Live in Water,” by Jess Walter, is a dark but brilliantly written twofold narrative short story. On the surface, the story is about a series of bad decisions that lead to a brutal murder of Oren Dessens, a World War II veteran in northern Idaho in 1958; and his son, Michael’s search for his father 34 years later in 1992. After Oren’s wife left him because he cheated on her with Bannen’s wife, Michael, Oren’s son, comes to live with him and the first question he asks his father consistently is “Do we lived in water?” The story alternate between year 1958 and 1992 where Michael searches for his father 34 years later after that one faithful night. Oren doesn’t understand what the kid meant till his last moment before he has to say goodbye to his boy at Flett, his best friend’s house. The story ends with a sad note but there is so much more to it than what’s meet the eyes. It’s also a powerful story to demonstrate three philosophy of life—freewill, karma, and determinism through detail visual imageries, action and the interaction between characters. The story of Oren and Michael Dessens ended with a sorrowful closure at a glance looks like a story of freewill and the life they reap, but with every step the characters take has been laid out for them to finish their destiny.
Karma is a Hindu philosophical way of life where a person believe they will get what they put in life. According to the Hindu Today paper, the word karma means “deeds”. Karma creates a relationship between…

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