Analysis Of ' We Learned That God ' Essay

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From the prologue, we learned that God was one of Job’s greatest fans, echoing the accolades
“blameless, upright, God-fearing, and one who avoids evil” from the narrator’s introduction (1:1). That might be considered advocacy at its best except that, of course, God intentionally spoke those words to the satan, setting Job on a collision course with that adversary. God’s sovereign permission giving Job into the satan’s hand – twice - placed God squarely on the adversarial side of the ring as well. In other words, God’s roles were more than just a bit complicated right from the beginning.
It is not particularly comfortable for us to think of God as divine Advocate and Adversary – for Job or, even more unsettling, for us. What do those titles mean as the celestial realms intersect with earth?
What did Job expect from an advocate whose domain was somewhere in heaven? Could that Being possibly share identities with the God who was so obviously in an adversarial relationship with Job?
Another entirely different way of posing the same set of questions addresses the nature of God in head to head combat with evil. Multiple question flood into our minds. How did the conflict start? Who initiated it? How? And for what end?
I will not claim the wisdom to answer these questions even though we will do some poking about in various corners. Thoughtful and reflective persons have wrestled with such issues since the garden of
Eden. In this chapter, we will take a much more limited approach,…

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