Analysis Of Wayne Highlands School District Essay

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With all the moving parts that go into calculating the budget, there is room for great disparity from year to year. Looking through the paper around this time of year many school districts are finalizing their budgets for the upcoming school year. The budgets gain media attention due to the nature of the school tax component, which is a cause of concern for many citizens. Newspaper and other media reports love to compare districts, often times making those comparisons is very difficult. Every school district is different which in turn leads to different financial situations for each district. Analyzing the budget for my district, Wayne Highlands School District there are huge differences from five years ago. Looking ahead there will continue to be drastic changes in the budget moving into the next five years.

Wayne Highlands School District
Settled in a rural community of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Wayne Highlands School District can be described in many ways. Reoccurring descriptors have been quality, consistency and experienced. Only in the last several years have some of those distinguishing qualities begun to change. Recently, the makeup of our district is changing. As local businesses are closing and moving families are choosing to relocate. In addition, the experienced employees of Wayne Highlands School District are beginning to retire. Those two variables have led to a district once considered consistent, now experiencing changing times.


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