Analysis Of Waxing Poetic Lie On My Chest

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Waxing Poetic Lie on My Chest
There can be Mmany meanings in a small piece of jewelry. Necklaces can be worn daily, on special occasions, or simply just to match your outfit. I never was someone who wore jewelry, not because I didn’t like it, just because I felt that I wasn’t creative enough to decide which piece to wear with what. On my last birthday, I was given a very special gift from my Ffather, my stepmother, and my little sister. After I had Opening opened this little black box wrapped with off white yarn, appeared I found a sterling silver chain with two charms different in shape that had the letter “C,”, and the word blessed. Just a few months later came Mother’s Day and again I opened a little black box wrappedr with off white yarn.
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Twisted around the heart is a gold rope. Inside, is the word Mom, with a key lock beneath. There are many details that are small and intricate just like being a Mom. My world revolves around being a parent. My daughter holds the key to my heart and I believe that is what this charm symbolizes. One day when she is old enough, she will hold that key on a sterling silver chain along with other charms that are meaningful to her …show more content…
Circular and gold, with again, a beaten hammer look on the background. Almost looking like it was made by hand, was carved the word blessed, with a capital B. Nothing less, and nothing more;, it is very simple, but with holds so much meaning. Everyone has their own meaning to this word. For me, my entire life is blessed. From finances, parenthood, education, and family, I consider myself very grateful for all of it. This charm is a reminder of the things in my life and to never forget where I came from. Although my daughter was planned, my Ffather, and stepmom were not very thrilled when they found out I was expecting. Not because of Charlee, but because of my choice in my significant other. Months went by and they became more involved and accepting. Unfortunately, they were right. Who I thought that I would spend my life with, didn’t feel the same. When I received this gift, tears filled my eyes, and happiness overflowed my heart. I felt like it was a sign of them showing me how proud they were of me. I took this life on and haven’t looked back

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