Essay on Analysis Of Warren Township 's Youth Service Program

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Warren Township Teen Center: (Gurnee, IL) (Park City, IL)
I was involved in a youth services program at Warren Township Youth and Family Services who sponsors the Friday Night Alternative for middle school students in Warren Township (grades 6th - 8th). Friday Night Alternative is a safe environment that includes, basketball, dancing, special event activities and pizza/beverages that are supplied by the members of the Park City Teen Center. I volunteered to be a chaperone for the children. I volunteered for 9 months. I supervised the children and even played basketball with them. This helped me interact with young ages from 11 to 14. Also, it helped me develop my first steps by communicating with parents who were chaperones as well. I learned the commitment of a volunteer to reserve my Fridays for being a chaperone. It helped me promote and support local youth by providing them a healthy lifestyle.

Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal Piedra Angular (My Church): ( North Chicago, IL)
I have been involved in many different areas in my church. I was involved in my youth group sales activities. The youth would pitch in ideas of the food sales. I learned communication with other youth members of my church. I learned the respect, for working with others as a team group. I learned different roles when taking position for another member. I was also involved in my church’s Sunday school department. I started out by being an assistant teacher for 6 months to young children from…

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