Analysis Of Warren Cariou 's ' The Land ' Essay

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1. One of the central tenants of the paradigm of Hauntology is that bad things that happen in the past will continue to haunt our society. Another central tenant is that minorities facing problems in the past will continue to suffer in the present and in the future. For example, Warren Cariou describes a situation in which past events continue to haunt our society when he writes about how native people were killed or exiled from their land by Europeans, so the ghosts of the native people returned to seek vengeance upon them. Cariou explains why this revenge of the land occurred: “Revenge is of course the return of something: an injury…misdeeds of the past creates a climate in which dangerous symptoms must erupt in the present” (Cariou 729). Here, Cariou is explaining one of the central tenants of the paradigm of Hauntology that bad things that happened in past will continue to hunt our society. In this example, the haunting caused financial ruin and ultimate death of the owners. Just out of nowhere, things were happening that showed the Europeans that they were cursed. Samira discusses the second paradigm of Hauntology mentioned here by talking about how slavery ruined romance between men and women in Beloved. 124 was a place that was owned by black women, and where bad things happened. 124 was also a home in which were no men stuck around. In the temporal context of Beloved, a house that a white man did not own was considered a broken home. Kawash states that “the absence…

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