Essay on Analysis Of Walter Johnson 's Soul By Soul

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Walter Johnson, in his publication Soul by Soul, renders vivid imagery of the Antebellum slave market. While detailing these atrocities, he proposes that “every person had a price.” This proclamation and generalization precisely illustrates the use of slaves as a form of legally commodified capital; however, it simultaneous and unilaterally undermines the gradual abolishment of slavery in northern colonies, the population of “free” blacks in both the North and South, and the emotional, and often exploitive, relationship that numerous slave owners had with their slave mistresses
Succeeding the abolishment of the African International Slave Trade in the United States, the commonality of domestic slave trade surged. This, coupled with the unprecedented growth of economies of scale, perpetuated by slavery and the cultivation of cotton, generated an extreme demand for unpaid laborers; this demand also augmented the price of slaves. Digressing to Johnson 's claim, the methodology, facilitation, and commonality in appraising these commodified humans, is the pedagogy of his ascertain, and is not holistically misguided. Appraisal of slaves is multilaterally influenced by the vernacular of marketing. Various marketing strategies and slave characteristics manifest an individualist value on slaves. Some of the pertinent marketed features include, but are not limited to: age, health, sex, fertility, sexualization, and retailer.
Archival records indicate that age, sex, and health…

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