Analysis Of Walt Whitman 's Poetry Essay examples

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Having a unique voice is the byproduct of a creative mind. This, in and of itself, is a feat that many poets, authors and artists struggle to find on a daily basis, however, there are a select few who have imprinted their voice in history and have created works that were far ahead of their respective times. One such example is a poet by the name of Walt Whitman, whose voice travels and echoes in the American mind as casually as a song plays on the radio. Whitman’s style and inherent ability to capture a moment in words, as if the reader were watching a film or staring at a photograph, is uncanny, and his innate ability to create a scenario in which the reader feels both comfortable and familiar is eerily perfect. By using a humanist perspective, Whitman gave way to a new and unique voice of his time and has created timeless poetry, leading him to become one of the most respected and well known writers in American history.
Much of Whitman’s writing derived from “song”, or a celebration of one’s self or the world around them. One of the classic poems written by Whitman that encapsulates this sense of celebration is “Song of Myself”, in which the narrator speaks on three separate matters regarding human existence and life in general. The three aforementioned matters are matters of the self, matters of the world around one’s self and the relation to others, and matters of the natural world. Some of these matters are identified through different symbolic representations.…

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