Analysis Of Walt Whitman 's Poems Essay

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Art and emotion, often times, go hand-in-hand with one another due to the generalistic idea that emotions are what fuels the artist drive to produce such wondrous masterpieces. Poetry, is one such art that allows its creator to call upon a variety of emotions. Whether those emotions are a sense of delight, anger, contempt, sorrow, etc, all are forms of emotion and are easily seen throughout the many poems written by Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, and Paul Lurance Dunbar. When these poets fuse their emotions with their words, we the readers are able to feel a fraction of what they might have felt at the time of the poems creation. It is this component that allows the readers to effectively take away any life lessons that might have been incorporated throughout the written works. This is especially true in both Dickinson’s and Whitman’s works.
Walt Whitman’s poems contain a variety of emotions, however, delight does not seem to be one that is frequently felt by the author or his readers in any of his poems. Instead, a sense of nostalgic sorrow is felt throughout many of his poems. In his written work, The Wound Dresser, the tone is painted almost immediately and we are granted access to a very vivid image of an elderly man entering into a hospital tent. “An old man bending I come among new faces” (71). By stating that an old man is bending down and is among new faces, it allows the readers to infer that the flow of newly wounded are endless and is normal for the old man.…

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