Essay on Analysis Of Walt Henderson 's Work

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Peng, Chen
MGMT 3720
Assignment #1
Walt Henderson is a draftsman in Wilson Construction Company. One day he was working on his personal project during company time and caught by his supervisor, Ken Hardy. Walt believes he has right to work on his personal project as long as he has completed all his work. However, Ken doesn’t agree with that because he believes workers are not allowed to do their personal project during company time based on the company rules. Then they had an argument about working at home and while on the company time. Employees’ attitudes play an extremely important role in the company. There are three components of attitude: cognitive, affective, and behavioral. Through this case, it is easy to analyze Walt’s attitude towards his job. In this paper, each component of attitude will be discussed. Also the type and reasons of Walt’s attitude, Walt’s potential reaction towards his low job satisfaction, and possible solution for his supervisor to improve employees’ job satisfaction will all be discussed in this paper.
In this case, I believe Walt’s attitude is negative. According to his argument: I did all my work and even more, what do you want me to do (From the case)? It’s clear to see that Walt is very upset about his job and his supervisor’s judgment, which means he has a low job satisfaction and he is not willing to accept the strict rule in his company. Based on Walt’s attitude, it’s difficult for Ken to explain to Walt that the company has not required…

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