Analysis Of Walt Disney And How He Changed The Entertainment World

1369 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 6 Pages
When speaking in front of an audience, there are a number of things the speaker needs to be aware of. They have to be sure to provide enough details if the audience does not know the topic already. The speaker has to have an insight into how the audience would receive the speech and determine what changes could be made to meet their expectations. The location of where the speech is being given is also a major factor when it comes to what the speaker’s pitch and tone and how the audience would receive it. For my speech, I will be speaking about the life of Walt Disney and how he changed the entertainment world, showing my audience what an impact his company has had on the world. In order to make my speech effective, I need to take into account all of the above factors, and make any necessary changes to what I have already planned. Since a majority of my audience is around my own age, 19, they will know about most of Disney’s movies, shows and amusement parks already. They will already know a majority of my final subject when it comes to who he was, and what the company does today. Some of the major parts of my speech though, will not be known because they happened in the 1940’s before Disney had become the media giant it is today. The few people in my class that I spoke to about my speech had no idea that he had almost lost his company to union strikes in 1941 or that he started out as a bankrupt and failed artist (Colt, 2015). If I present these facts and back them up…

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