Walmart Corporate Culture Analysis

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Culture & Beliefs

Wal-mart’s beliefs are based on four key components. These components include providing service to customers, respecting associates, striving for excellence, and acting with integrity. According to the interview from Victor Pina, he described Wal-Mart’s the ideal culture of Wal-Mart is supposed to be collaborative. However, he acknowledged that Wal-Mart’s ideal culture is not prevalent. The report will analyze the cause the discrepancies in Wal-Mart’s ideal culture and actual practices.

Analysis of Culture

The company aims to make each of its associates feel “uniquely fulfilled, challenged and capable of successfully accomplishing” based on its HR mission. However in 2011, Wal-Mart was involved in a class action lawsuit of 1.6 million women involving sex discrimination charges (Lichtenstein, 2011, para.1). The basis of this lawsuit was the unfair treatment of women in the company. Jordan’s (2016) statement that approximately “5,000 lawsuits are filed against Wal-Mart each year, or roughly 13 new suits per day,” makes Wal-Mart’s HR mission seem like a tall tale.
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Their wives were targeted to be cashiers. In a banner posted at a 1975 meeting for executive trainees, the slogan read, “Welcome Assistant Managers and Their Wives” (Lichtenstein, 2011, para.5). The preferential treatment of men over women was ingrained in Wal-Mart’s culture since the beginning of time. It is unfortunate that almost 60 years later, this type of authoritarian style behavior still exists. Former Wal-Mart employee Stephanie Williams can agree to this statement on a phone interview. Stephanie explained she worked with Wal-Mart for 15 years and was never promoted to a managerial

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