Analysis Of Wallace Carnegie 's ' The Ways Of Win Friends And Influence People ' By Dale Carnegie

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In today’s society, changing those around oneself can be difficult, but changing one’s own action and thoughts is quite simple. In his book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, Dale Carnegie illustrates various ways in which to gain the favor of nearly anyone in any environment. The urge to write the book stemmed from the realization that many people “lack finesse and understanding” and “needed more training in the fine art of getting along with people in everyday business and social contracts” (Carnegie 18). The book is set up in a manner presenting four different categories with steps, or principles, to achieve an ultimate goal of winning over another person. Through the book, Carnegie is hoping to convey a set of principles that, when implemented, lead to the promotion of positive communications and personal connections that can be useful in any situation. These tactics are for all the people of the world, but can be especially beneficial in the business world as it is mainly about creating connections.
Carnegie sets up various theories he has found to be beneficial when it comes to dealing with others. The theories are not directed towards any one specific person, or situation, or environment. Applying these theories can be done at any, but a fact Carnegie reiterates throughout the book is to perform the theories genuinely. While reading the book, the ideas presented may seem to be evident actions that should be taken daily, however these actions are often…

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